My Branch of the Keelan/Keelean Family

In Michigan

My great-great-great-grandfather: William Keelan of Ireland around 1790. 
My great-great-grandfather: Charles Keelan of Ireland (1816) who came to Michigan in the 1830's. 
My great-grandfather: Charles Keelean (Keelan) born in Michigan 1850 
My grandfather: George Keelean born in Michigan in 1896. 
My father: Delos Edward Keelean born in Michigan in 1918. 
Me: Michael Leary Keelean born in Michigan in 1950.

The name change to the spelling "Keelean" from "Keelan" is according to family lore a result of the younger Charles Keelan having a falling out with his dad (the older Charles Keelan) over religion. The family religion was originally Catholic but the younger Charles decided to convert to one of the Protestant religions and as a result the father and son became alienated. The younger Charles proceeded to change the spelling of his and of his children's last name by adding an extra "e" near the end of the name resulting in the present Keelean spelling. 

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