A Letter from a Keelan in Ireland

Loughan Post Office Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland, 3-2-81 
Dear Russ, 
Just a line in answer to your letter received by my brother in Drogheda. 
You were looking for information regarding your family tree, My branch of the family came from Kilmainhamwood, Co. Meath, My great-grandfather was Bryan, my grandfather was Bryan, my father was Bryan and I'm Brian. Iím the third Brian Keelan to be postmaster here in Loughan. I think that is unique, Loughan, is just a country place, its between the village of Camaross and the village of Moynalty and about five miles from the town of Kells. I am a farmer. I have seventy acres of land, Iím a dairy farmer which keeps me very busy. Iím married, I have no family, Michael has three sons and one daughter. My only sister Frances has three sons, her husband George O'Conner died about a month ago. RLP He was a farmer near Kilmainhamwood. 
The Keelan's are the oldest Irish family in Co. Meath. They were Chieftains of North Meath in the eight and ninth century, that was their territory, there are Keelans still there. I know them. They have the same Christian names as my family. North Meath is on the Meath-Mongham-Louth and Cavan borders. There was a great battle fought at a place called Ballhoe on the Meath-Monaghan border between the Scotch and the Irish hundreds of years ago and leading the Irish that day was a Brian Keelan and they won so you see the name goes back very far. 
Your family is probably a branch of our Keelans, What part of Ireland did your great- grand father come from. I'll try to find out more about them, in the near future. I'll look at the Parish register in Kilmainhanwood. 
I can't fill in the forms you sent until I find out more information. I hope I have been some help to you and I look forward to hearing from you soon 
Yours sincerely Brian Keelan 
P.S. My mother is still alive and living here. She is eighty seven years of age this year.

"Danny Boy"